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Video Chat Appliance Pros are Real Appliance Technicians

These are Licensed appliance techs working as digital service technicians or Video Chat Appliance Pros.

An Appliance Pro that works as a Video Chat Appliance Pro or a Digital Service Technician

The Video Chat Appliance Pro is an appliance technician who offers to teach or instruct any person that wants to learn how to repair, replace or install appliances. These Video Chat Appliance pros teach appliance repair to homeowners that are attempting to repair appliances in their homes. Certainly, Video Chat Appliance Pros are licensed professionals that offer their skills for a small fee. To date Video Chat Appliance Pros help people learn how to fix appliances much faster than watching ad filled videos.

Video Chat Appliance pros utilize Video Chat a Pro to offer Virtual Live Stream Video Chat Electrical services. Most all homeowners that schedule a Video Chat Appliance pro will save time and money when performing diy home appliance repairs. One reason is because they will make less trips to get repair parts and they will fix it the first time. Obviously, Video Chat Appliance pros teach you the best electrical repair methods so that you perform the most reliable appliance repairs.

Together you can do it! Hire a Video Chat Appliance pro to learn the best appliance repair methods faster.

Get Project Specific Do It Yourself Appliance Repair Instructions Now

Video Chat a Pro offers verified Appliance Repair technicians to provide project specific DIY appliance repair instruction. Show the appliance repair technician your appliance problem with your smart phone to get project specific DIY appliance repair help. Video Chat Services are provided by highly experienced appliance repair Pros that know how to repair appliances. Live Video Chat Services put the technician side by side with the customer to instruct better than do it yourself appliance repair videos. The Appliance repair technician can see the exact appliance repair issue you are having and instruct you instantly with specific step by step instructions.


  1. Choose Appliance Technician
  2. Schedule the time that fits your needs 
  3. Repair Appliance with instructions
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Appliance Repair Technicians Teach you to Do It Yourself and Properly Repair Appliances

Video Chat a Pro offers appliance repair technicians to instruct the DIY community to learn proper appliance repair methods repairs. The Appliance repair technicians are experienced appliance repair technicians ready to train DIY consumers to repair emergency appliance problems properly. We know it is difficult to find the right appliance repair Video on Youtube to help with your specific appliance repair need. Video Chat a Pro allows you to instantly Video Chat live with licensed appliance repair technicians to show the problem and receive instruction immediately. Live Video Chat services with appliance repair technicians allows them to see what you working on. You will receive project specific appliance repair instruction as you show them or the appliance repair technician can instruct you while you complete the appliance repair.


  • Read Reviews from DIY customers
  • Learn Appliance Technicians specialties and product knowledge
  • Choose & Schedule the best Appliance technician to instruct you
  • Post a Review of your experience
LiveStream Video Chat with Appliance Repair Technicians Turns Average Joe's to Pros

Video Chat Services with an Appliance repair technician is a great way for the DIY homeowner to get to know their homes appliances. The homeowner can learn proper maintenance practices specific to their individual homes appliances. Video Chat Services for the DIY community educates the DIY consumer safely, correctly and saves time. You will be able to make professional appliance repairs to your appliances. The appliance repair technician will teach you the appropriate tools and replacement parts for your homes DIY appliance repair. Video Chat Services can be used instantly anywhere you need help along the way. Use before purchasing parts to limit the number of trips to the appliance repair store.

DIY (do-it-yourself) Appliance Repairs can be instructed using LiveStream Video Chat

Video Chat Service Appliance repair technicians can instruct you with video chat services to DIY an appliance repair on a thermostat replacement on a refrigerator or to replace the flame sensor on your propane oven. Video Chat Services allow the Appliance repair technician to see your appliance. Video Chat Service allow the appliance repair technician to see your specific equipment installation and instruct you how to repair properly. Video Chat Services instruct you to properly repair and to stop leaking or clogged defrost condensate drains. Video Chat Services with Appliance repair technicians will teach you how to do your own appliance repairs from small leaking door seal on your oven to larger gas range gas orifice change outs. Maybe you have a refrigerator that is not cooling properly or a stove that sounds funny. Our video chat appliance repair technicians are ready to teach you to get your appliance repair completed safely, quickly, and correctly the first time.


  • Appliance maintenance
  • Cleaning condenser coils on your refrigerator
  • Cleaning dishwasher filter 
  • Changing thermostat on dryer
  • Clogged dryer vent 
  • Freezer fan repair
  • Clogged dishwasher drain 
  • Troubleshooting appliance issue
  • Appliance maintenance